Joint Project Program

The NAPNAP Foundation is expanding its outreach with chapters and SIGs to collaborate on projects that will positively impact child health. Project proposals can include but are not limited to: nurse practitioner continuing education, practice resources, patient education, community health tools, scholarly publications and workforce development. To have the greatest impact for our members and their patients, the NAPNAP Foundation encourages multiple chapters and/or SIGs to partner on project proposals. Each project will be co-funded by the requesting group(s) and NAPNAP Foundation and all participating groups will share in any revenue.

Each proposal will be evaluated on its own merits so there are no particular project parameters. Proposals must follow the below guidelines.

Applicant Requirements

  • Proposals can be developed by SIG and/or chapter members but must be authorized and submitted by a SIG chair or chapter officer.
  • SIGs and chapters must agree to have a NAPNAP Foundation Board representative involved in the project development. The Foundation will determine its representative based on the topic and chapter/SIG project team.
  • Each participating SIG and/or chapter must be able to financially contribute to the project expenses equal to or greater than the Foundation’s contribution. The Foundation will determine its funding level upon approval of a project proposal. If necessary the parties will work together to amend project based on available funding.

Proposal Content  

  1. Project name
  2. Names of all SIGs/chapters involved with lead representatives’ names
  3. Description and purpose of the project. (Max 500 words)
  4. Value of the project, who will benefit? (Max 300 words)
  5. Dissemination plan, including who the intended audience or group is (e.g. members of the participating SIG and/or chapter, parents, all NAPNAP members, etc.). (Max 500 words)
  6. Estimated budget for the project with justification for each expense and projected revenue if relevant. No funding will be provided for salaries or indirect/overhead costs. The budget should also outline anticipated participating groups’ expense and revenue sharing. (Max 500 words)
  7. Timeline for development and implementation of the project with distribution/dissemination start date not to exceed 12 months from project approval date. (Max 250 words)

Start your online application by clicking here. You will be able to create a user/password to enter the system to update your application as many times as you would like.

Awarding of Funds
Collaborative project applications will be funded on an ongoing basis. The Foundation will contribute up to $2,500 per project based on available funds. Foundation funds can be used for expenses such as printing, distribution, creative/design, health care writer/editor, mobile app production, microsite development/hosting, CE development/hosting, live webinar meetings/presentations, etc.

Stipulations – Recipients must agree:

  • Use of funds solely for the approved project.    
  • Submit final report to the NAPNAP Foundation office upon completion of the project.
  • Acknowledge the NAPNAP Foundation for financial support of the project in any or all publications or presentations.