Past Recipients

We salute these scholars and researchers for advancing our profession and pediatric patient outcomes across the country for almost two decades.
Nursing Research Grants

2019 Dawn Murphy: Teens' Experiences with Sexting: A Grounded Theory Study; Kelly Pretorius: Understanding SIDS Through Social Media
2018 Hiba Abujaradeh: The Association of Mindfulness with Stress, Depression, and Anxiety and Diabetes-Related Outcomes among Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes; Lisa Militello: A Solution-Focused Approach: What Low-Income Parents with Young Children Need from Stress-Regulation Smartphone Apps; Mary Thompson: Focus Groups to Inform Design of a Mobile Health System to Support Transition-Age Youth with Epilepsy
2017 Jessica Bahorski: Parental Self-Efficacy, Feeding Practices, and Weight in Infancy: A Secondary Analysis; Colleen McGovern: COPE for Asthma: A Cognitive Behavior Skills-Building Intervention for Children with Asthma; Jennifer Sonney: Child Asthma Management Program (CHAMP): A Usability and Acceptability Study
2016 Eileen Condon: Maternal Protective Factors in Multiethnic Maternal-Child Dyads: A Study of Physiological, Health and Developmental Outcomes in School Age Children; Valerie Martinez: An Examination of Factors Affecting Quality of Life for Children with Asthma and their Caregivers in Southeast Georgia; Rebecca Robert: Improving breastfeeding outcomes of WIC populations with mhealth enhanced peer-counseling interventions:  Evaluation of the pilot program, BfedDC; Regena Spratling: Parents’ Symptom Management for Their Children Who Require Medical Technology
2015 Jesica Pagano-Therrien: Research participation decision-making and research fatigue among youth and parents of youth with chronic health conditions; Elizabeth Sloand: Breastfeeding practices among Latina mothers in an urban office setting.
2014 Nutrena Tate: Looking Through My Eyes: A Photovoice Study on the Influences of Eating, Physical Activity, and Body Image in Urban African American, Latino American and Caucasian American Adolescents; Karen Johnson: A qualitative exploration of addressing health-risk behaviors during sports physicals; Catherine Goodhue: Development of an Intestinal Rehabilitation Disaster Survival Toolkit for Families With Special Health Care Needs
2012 Angela Nash
2011 Deborah Torowicz
2010 Mariaelena Calhoun
2009 Sybill Naidoo, Sharron Close
2007 Michelle Beauchesne
2006 Virginia Biddle, Amy Becker Manion
2005 Judith O’Haver, Tracy Magee
2004 Maria Garner, Jill Kilanowski
2003 Theresa Skybo, Martha Swartz
2002 Elizabeth LeCuyer-Maus, Leigh Small

Quality Improvement & Evidence-based Practice Project Grant
2019 Megan Coco: Impact of a One-day Sickle Cell Disease Self-Management Workshop on Disease Self-Efficacy and Self-Management Behaviors

DNP Research Grants

2017 Kelley Bonowski: Pilot Psychosocial Screening Protocol in Children with Congenital Heart Disease; Teri Townsend: 

The Next Steps to Autism Guidebook and Parental Stress

2016 Kimberly Joo: Text Message Follow-Up Reminders in the Pediatric Urgent Care

Elaine Gelman Scholarships
2019 Susan Buxbaum, Jessica Corcoran, Avery Forget
2018 Megan Antolick, Harsana Showunmi, Julia Higashio
2017 LaMonica Hunter, Danielle Romero
2016 Diane Batham
2015 Whitney McGarry
2012 Gwen Cassidy
2010 Brittney Sullivan
2007 Jean Diggs
2006  Amanda Coyle

NAPNAP Foundation DNP/PhD Student Scholarships
2019 Kelli Garber, Stephanie Smith
2018 Kelly Pretorius

Richardson DNP Scholarships
2017 Tal Levin-Decanini
2016 Kathleen Carr, Emily Dague, Lisa Froling, Maureen Kelly, Christina Wallace, Katherine Watson
2015 Rachel McCarrison, Clarissa Vogel, Michelle King, Jennifer Hughes
2014 Annette Carley, Rebecca Carson, Jessica Diver

Member Conference Scholarships
2017 Regina Dagher, Morgan Grabinsoki, Claire Short, Arianna Stone, Chelsey Andrea, Ameeka George
2016 Shelley Bull, Vanessa Hoy, Jean Ivey
2015 Elizabeth Hoppe, Hannah Westre, Carrie Donnell, Rhonda Hertwig
2014 Mildred McCully, Rachel Lyons
2011 Jamelah Tangara, Jennifer Jacobs, Jami Pavlak

Reckitt Benckiser Student Scholarships
2007- 2014 Jillienne Jordan, Venessa Yoosook, Kelly Hebl Garcia, Carin Hanson, Chaka Batley, Michelle Stephens, Adebola Olarewaju, Patricia Phillips, Jamee Clemens, Lisa Jia, Rebecka Evans

Reckitt Benckiser Member Scholarships
2010- 2012 Rhonda Hertwig, Julie Allison Watson Ko, Jennifer Bevacqua 

Reckitt Benckiser Research Grant
2014 Catherine Goodhue: Development of an Intestinal Rehabilitation Disaster Survival Toolkit for Families With Special Health Care Needs

McNeil PNP Scholarships
2001- 2010 Rose Kreikemeier, Nicole Kastner, Kelly Gettig, Wendy Seto, Sheri Vlam, Deborah Wesener, Myna Laughlin, Melissa Young, Mary Doherty, Lanipua Yeh-Hauer, Kathleen Carr, Amy Stillwell, Jade Curry, Leslie Stirn

McNeil Grants-in-Aid
2001-  2010 Jenny Brady, Betty Goodpasture, Sharon Juszli, Laurel Socha, Roberta Bavin, Robin Buckle, Patrick Conlon, Wendy Gillespie, Nicole Lavin, Ann Limegrover, Debra Neretich, Anna Tielsch, Stacey Bushell, Laurie Dahlberg, Patricia King, Myra Cleary, Grace Evanoo, Lisa Schiffer, Judith Cudworth, Kay Froemming, Sylvia Zaleski, C. Baxter-Rogers, Jennifer Lang-Ree, Melissa Micol, Annamarie Brown, Resa Lord, Angela Ventry, Sheri Carson, Gina Markos-Capps, Carmen Wycoff, Dawn Bankson, Jennifer Barger, Katherine Davis, Tamara Dykstra, Mariaelena Fagadore, Rachel Mills, Annie Nodestine, Melissa Bagwell, Deena Dorosheff, Nancy Hanson, Rebecca Ledwin, Ellen McGuffey, Patricia Piascik, Virginia Woolworth, Carrie Lewis, Lori Kasher, Melanie Lally, Judy Pitts, Theresa Puckett, Kelly Ruemmele, Melissa Spurrier 

Abbott Nutrition DNP Capstone Grants
2011-12 Angelina Harman, Audra Rankin, Michelle Schweitzer, Ashley Tuttle, Jennifer Platt, Sara Romanski

Abbott Nutrition Student Grants
2012-09 Lindsay Jamison Wolf, Sarah Agtarap, Jennifer Jacobs, Ashley Raynor, April Bice, Lindsay Jamison, Theresa Ruddy, Erin Broene, Nicole Jordan, Ashley Shields, Jessica Burnette, Katherine Koruda, Cynthia Moll Slaga, Lauren Doppelheuer, Susannah Labbe, Nicole Sorensen, Amanda Kack Flannery, Rebecca Masters, Amanda Springer, Kathryn Gray, Maud Meulstee, Amanda Thompson, Laura Harvey, Jennifer Nordling, Kristen Woodard, Margaret Howarth, Jennifer Burkey, David Drevno, Rebecca Moushon, Kelly Burr, Tressa Dykstra-Van Voorst, Tiffany Nguyen, Carla Campbell, Leah Gaylord, Abby Phillips, Anna Carlson, Mary Laurette Hughes, Paula Rosales, Faith Crozier, Amanda Hyslop, Jennifer Shively, Carrie Donnell, Lindsay Jamison, Nicole Triggs, Debra Downing, Sarah Kiser, Jintana Weerapan

Wyeth Immunization Grants
2010-01 Dian Baker, Annamarie Brown, Helen Lerner, Victoria Niederhauser, Veronica Torres, Marie Whannel, Phoebe Gray, Jean Steinmetz, Victoria Niederhauser, Karlen Luthy, Tracy Magee, Laura Swanson, Myra Cleary, Amy Dunlop, Mary Ryder-Larkin, Judith Vessey, Mary Cahill, Marilyn Lieber, Jeanne Weiland, Ann Pron, Eileen O’Holleran, Joan Stiggelbout

Innovative Health Care Small Grants
2003- 2010 Gayle Higgins, Mary Cahill-Roberts, Marguerite DiMarco, Karen Rance, Martha Strong, Marcia Buckminster, Mary Cahill

Rural & Underserved Scholarships
2005-2012 Sara Baumgart, Liza Jia, Marianne Miller, Amy Dillon, Annie Imboden, Sara Lynn Kraft

New Avenues to Health Care Small Grants
2001-2006 Karen Rance, Martha Strong, Jody Church, Kathleen Hahn, Marcia Buckminster, Mary Cahill, Annamarie Brown, Sherry Dailey, Marguerite DiMarco

Graduate Student Research Grants
2002-2007 Cathy Woodward, Sheri Vlam, Jacqueline Rychnovsky